1. Make a file called <TheAddInName>.xll.config with this in:
    <add key="Test" value="Forty-two" />
  1. In your project, add a reference to the System.Configuration assembly.

  2. In your library add some function to access the settings:

internal static string GetAppSetting(string key)
    object setting = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[key];
    if (setting == null)
        return "!! INVALID KEY !!";

    return setting.ToString();
  1. If you run ExcelDnaPack to pack the add-in into a single file, the .xll.config file will automatically be packed too. At runtime, if a .xll.config file is present, it will be used. Otherwise the packed .config file will be used as the configuration for for the add-in’s AppDomain.